FAQFrequently Asked Questions

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    What happen’s if the system stops working?

    1. Turn the equipment off at the wall, 99% of outages are cured by rebooting the equipment.

    2. Contact Matt or Jos 7 days a week 9am to 5pm ( Text out of hours)

  • 2

    What happens if we don’t like it?

    We don’t tie you into a lengthy contract, you are free to leave at anytime without charge. If we can reuse the equipment we will even buy it back from you (subject to age of equipment/If you paid for it).

  • 3

    Do I need to keep my phone line?

    Our system is a fixed wireless network so I doesn’t come down the phone line like normal broadband. There are many company’s offering internet phones, we can offer advice on which one would best suit your needs.